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My kids love to paint (ages 9 and 5). If it does not move, they will try to paint it... so far that good news for our new puppy!
My husband recently installed new doors for the kids bedroom closets,
the new doors pull open to allow the kids to see their whole closet, they love it! Everyone was happy…or so we thought.

The kids came into our bedroom early one morning last week, very excited.
They said in unison that they wanted to paint the doors.
I thought that was cute idea...why not empower them to have a hand in how their rooms look. So I thought I will give them some off white glossy paint and they can have at it. That, of course, was not their idea at all.
THEY were proposing that they paint mini multi-colored murals on the doors.
The kids even drew up plans for their visions on paper and presented us with them...6:30 am in the morning no less...My husband groaned and went back to sleep, I of course got up and started the process.

My peace sign loving daughter wanted to “splatter” different colors of paint all over her doors and then have a big black peace sign in the middle.
My son wanted a multi colored door with a big, ugly green snake slithering up it. So much for the off white paint.

We went to our local home improvement store and happily discovered sample jars of paint. We bought a bunch of different colors in 7 oz sizes for only a couple of dollars each (who knew?) and came home to prep the doors.

Excitement in the air and plans at the ready...we began.
It took hours but they were both thrilled with the results.
They were so proud. Each room looks great, and in the end, the cost was less than $8 per door!

Here is a tip! While at Home Depot I came across an area that the sthey had considered “mistakes.” Maybe a customer requested the wrong color and had to reorder their paint, maybe they miss-measured a window and it had to be reordered? There are major bargains to be had buying these mistakes. We found a $5 gallon of paint that will look perfect in the kids’ bathroom. Again, who knew?

Take a Saturday morning and wander the aisles of your local home improvement store- who knows what fun, inexpensive projects will come your way? Also ask them about their free kid workshops (usually held on Saturday mornings, we have participated in a number at Home Depot) where the kids (with a little help) can make birdhouses, little wagons and other projects. Tons of fun, they learn how to use a hammer and it’s free!!

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