About Us

On a rare "girls night out" an idea was shared and an adventure began, eleven months later Picture Me Cooking was born! Each of us is someone's daughter, mother, spouse and friend.

It has been an interesting journey, we have learned much along the way, made new friends as well as added a couple of pounds (you know how it goes...who do you think tasted these recipes over and over lol).

We have proven to ourselves that we can juggle our families, careers, friendships and lives and still find the time to create something special we believe in.

Between the four of us we have 9 children, from an infant to a 13 year old. We believe that cooking with our kids is not only important for all it teaches them for now as well as later in life, but for the fun, magic and memories too!

We truly hope you enjoy Picture Me Cooking today as well as in the years to come. So grab the nearest kid and camera, head for your kitchen and cook up some fun!!