About the Book

Picture Me Cooking is HERE!
The first children’s book to combine a cookbook, photo album and activity book all in one! Cook along with your children, take photos of who they cook with and what they create, then slide photos in the provided pockets and you have an heirloom in the making!

Picture Me Cooking is perfect for kids of any age.
We like to say 3 to 103 but really 3 to high school age is perfect. Children will first cook along with a Cooking Buddy to help keep them safe in the kitchen, later children will cook independently.

Each recipe has a full color photo to help encourage kids to make the dish and every recipe page has a photo pocket to slide in the photos you take. The book has 54 family friendly recipes.

One very special feature is the Family Section of the book. It's where you can have your loved ones handwrite in cherished family recipes to pass on in a safe and protected spot to the next generation - Years later when folks look back they will just adore having those family favorites in the handwriting of loved ones.

The book has many other treats as well, like Did You Know's and Fun Facts about food and more as well as a multifaceted measuring chart easy for kids to understand.

Cooking with your children is a wonderful way to build memories and spend quality time together. A friend of mine recently said, “I pick my kids up from school and ask how their day was and I get a one word answer. However, when I bring it up again while they are helping me in the kitchen, they go on and on”.

While cooking, your children learn reading, math, science, organizational skills and so much more. In addition, they learn a valuable life skill…how often do you hear an adult say “I can’t cook”? If only we could fix all future problems as easily as we can that one!

Start your culinary adventures today and capture every moment along the way!!

Check out the pockets - The one on the left is unfilled...the one on the right has a picture slid in.