Fun with Food!

For me one of my very favorite things to do is surprise and delight my kids through food! I love to take just a few minutes and transform the ordinary into a "oooh...aaaah" moment. You know the one...little eyes light up, a smile spreads across those beautiful faces and maybe they clap their hands together and jump up and down ...I LOVE that! The running hug and thank you that follows doesn't hurt either!

Think about what your kids like for snacks, dessert, dinner and more and take a quick moment to think what would be unexpected and make them get excited.
What are some of the things YOU do?

"Pineapple" Sherbert

1 pineapple
Your kids favorite sherbert, sorbet or ice cream (homemade or purchased)

Cut the top off of your pineapple, hollow out some of the inside for a snack.
When ready to use fill your pineapple shell with small cookie dough sized scoops of sherbert, sorbet or ice cream. I stick colorful 2 pronged plastic cocktail forks into some of the balls for easy self service.

Tip: You can also use mini pineapple for for each child.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Oh, this sounds so good! I love pineapple and sherbert, so I think I'd love them combined!!! Thanks for visiting from MM-