Parent's Corner - When Kids Were Kids

Normally I write about how moms make it all happen, work, running the home, the kid’s needs and then oh yeah - ours!

Well, today I want to write about the way in which summer vacation has changed from when I was a kid!
Don’t you remember being a kid - loving summer vacation because all you did was wake up, eat and run outside – not to be heard from or checked on again until you heard your mom's voice calling you in from a distance for dinner. Nobody would bother you - we just played for hours. We played kickball, we played in the cul-de-sac, street, woods, fields or stoop. We rode bikes, thought up crazy games, had adventures...basically head the time of our life! Nobody made us do work or worried that we would be taken from our yards.

Well, it is different today…I never let my kids play outside unsupervised,much to my children’s displeasure, but I am a self admitted nervous nelly and I just can’t take the chance that someone would think of harming my kids.
So, no more random kickball games, no more free play all day long, no more crazy adventures that only you and your pals knew about and giggled over often.

Now we must make sure that our kids do work everyday - read, do math, learn their next year’s facts. When do kids just get to be kids? I feel like we push our kids too hard. I am guilty too - I want my kids to be good at school, good at sports, etc. BUT I also want them to enjoy being a kid. I don’t want to feel pressure to make them geniuses yet I don’t want them to struggle or be behind in school.

What do we do - how do we allow kids to be kids yet still feel like we are continually educating them? It is not easy. Any ideas????

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