Junior Chef Spotlight - Abbey

Meet Junior Chef, Abbey from Alabama!

I love to bake with my Mom. She calls me her "Little Chef" when we cook together. Mom wants to be a chef one day and says her kitchen is her favorite room in our house. My Mom & I always have fun cooking together.
I like to help her make muffins, eggs, cakes, biscuits, granola bars and this summer Mom is teaching me how to make refrigerator pies.
My Granddaddy loves when me & Mom make those because they make two pies and we always take one to him and Grandmother.
Here is a picture of me and the Heavenly Pineapple Pie me and my Mom made this week. She put it on her blog so that other kids could make it too.

Mom said I should tell you a "Fun Fact" about our state.
Alabama has America's first wave pool. It is at the Point Mallard Aquatic Center. I love going there because my family can enjoy waves like the beach without having to drive all the way to the beach. It is fun!

Q&A with Abbey age 9

The first thing I can remember cooking is homemade cookies for Santa at Christmas one year.

My favorite kitchen tool is a rolling pin.

My favorite food to eat is chocolate cake.

When I cook something and give it to my family it makes me feel happy.

My favorite chef is Paula Deen because she is the greatest chef there ever was.

Thanks Abbey!!!

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