Crunchy Veggie Roll Ups

Just in time for back to school!

In addition to a great snack or lunch item, these roll ups are perfect for the lunchbox! Customize these to your/your kids liking and you are good to go!

Crunchy Veggie Roll Ups
What you will need:
Fresh Tortillas
Reduced fat cream cheese, softened
Cucumbers and peppers, sliced in to matchstick size slices

Spread a bit of cream cheese on each tortilla, add a few rows of cucumber and pepper sticks. Roll up the tortilla as tightly as you can, like a log.
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap if you are not serving right away.

When ready to serve, unwrap and slice into 3/4 inch bites and enjoy!

Variations: Try carrot or celery sticks. Instead of cream cheese try hummus.
You can also try peanut butter and celery.

Tip if your tortillas feels stiff, place a damp paper towel on top of eavh one you are using (one at a time) and microwave for a few seconds to freshen up before assembling.

Happy Cooking!

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