Ice Cream Pie!

This one is a big hit with the kids, think of it like an edible craft!!

Make them as mini's or a one big pie, either way it's a fun treat to create then eat!


Pre-made crust of your choice
(cookie crumb, graham cracker)
1 quart softened ice cream
Choice of a few decorative toppings such as
mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, mini candies, cookie crumbs, berries, etc

1. Fill pie crust(s) with softened ice cream, spreading evenly.

2. Freeze filled pie crusts for at least 1 hour.

3. When ready to serve, take them out of the freezer and let sit for a few minutes while you assemble small bowls filled with your chosen toppings.

4. Use toppings to create your pie(s)and enjoy!

You could also make your own crusts. Using a pie plate or mini pie plates, crush chosen crumbs, mix with a bit of butter, press onto pie plate(s) and you are ready to go.
Ideas for crusts include, crushed chocolate wafers, oreo's, vanilla cookies, graham crackers, gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodles or you favorite cookie.
To crush the cookies use your food processor or blender and crush in batches by pulsing until crumbs. You can also place the cookies on large plastic bags, press out the air and roll/smash with a rolling pin...not only is that fun but it's great exercise fro your arms!

Happy Cooking!