Treasured Moments

What a great feeling it is when your son or daughter asks you to spend time with them- just them!

Those are treasured words for me a mom of 3!

Having just had an infant 4 months ago, I am sleep deprived and adjusting to the many challenges I now face.
A baby...enough said..., a house that needs to be run, my career - which these days is balancing a few businesses I run as well as my two older kids...they need attention too, right?

Thank goodness I have a wonderful, supportive, hands on husband!

Well in a quest to give everyone mommy time, my son (7) rode with me today to pick up my older daughter from a friend's house.

He said, “Mom, tomorrow after school can we make a recipe from the cookbook?" “Just you and me,” he said. Of course, I melted and immediately said YES!

He said, “let's make a list, go shopping, get the stuff (he means ingredients) and let's make food for the family!”
Wow- he really does listen when I have been explaining the importance of the family meal!

So, tomorrow we will go shopping, make our meal and have fun taking the pictures that go with it. Those moments will forever be captured in my head, heart and now in our Picture Me Cooking Cookbook!

Get cooking kids- your moms and dads will gladly join in!

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  1. Thank you so much for this website! Just tonight we made a recipe out of another kids cookbook and the result was, the only person that ate it was my husband and he pourd hot sauce all over it! So Thanks again and i am looking forward to trying recipes out!