Learning By Accident

Do you realize what children can learn while helping in the kitchen?

Planning - When kids assist in deciding what to make, from what type of cookie to bake, to planning a meal they learn a powerful tool - Planning.
They then help the plan unfold...everything from writing a shopping list, to helping shop, to setting up the ingredients, to creating, timing and presenting the finished dish or meal. Then they get to reap (or in this case taste) the rewards!!

Math, Reading and Science - When your cooking you use and learn areas of three of these important subjects.
Reading the recipes, selecting measuring tools and measuring out the ingredients and the science of food.

Empowerment - good does it feel when you can first present something YOU create to those you care about, THEN watch as they enjoy it and get the compliments that come after.

Talk about watching a kid smile bright, sit up straighter and puff out their chest!! Don't forget to take a picture to capture those memories!!!

Happy Cooking!

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